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CLUB VACANCY  -  I expect that there will be an upcoming vacancy for one of the real positions of power and influence within the club - the clubs website "supervisor" !!!!!    .......    As from the start of the upcoming pennant season (or sooner if it suits the club), I have decided to use my free time for some other priorities and responsibilities I have (bowling and other).    The website "supervisor" can and should be a very, very important part of the team that makes our club run really well so it therfore can be a very rewarding position.  Also, if you are able to do the job properly, it means you know what is going on before most other members do !!!            I am not sure what the intentions of the management committee are re this vacancy but I am sure that they will be happy to talk to anyone at all who has an interest in taking on the responsibity.


BMS SATURDAY PENNANT PRACTICE GAMES  -  The first day our members should attend an OFFICIAL (Saturday pennant)  "practice" afternoon is Sunday the 8th of September.  On this afternoon,  in attendance will be Mr Richard Dale, a coach fron Deer Park.  I would expect that there will also be some sort of activity during this afternoon where we will do some organised bowling.   So bring along your bowls.    Each of the 3  Sundays following this activity, there will be organised practice games  -  Sunday the 15th,  22nd  and 29th of September  - games are against City Oval,  against Learmonth and then an Intraclub game.. This last Sunday  (29th September) is also our Season Opening  ceremony.   For actual details on practice games,  go to the DIARY section on this website.   Also details are on the club notice board - members are asked to submit their names (on the notice board) if they intend taking part in these practice games.   Let us make this a great way to start our competition year - please try to be involved in these games - they are a great way to fine tune skills and get us off to a terrific start to the season.      ..........        GO   B M S  !!!!!

PRACTICE IS IMPORTANT   -  It's not too far until the start of September  -  in about 2 weeks, official practice games start.  Our first pennant game is in about 5 weeks.    Coldish it still may be but each week there are opportunities to go down to the club greens to see if your bowls run any truer than they did last season  -  I am told they sometimes do this in appreciation of having the 4 months break !!!!.       It's not much point later on bemoaning what the selectors have (or haven't) done for you if you haven't given your true ability the opportunity to show itself.  Consider doing some genuine practice - if you are not sure what this really means, I am certain you will get a good hearing from our coaches if you request their involvement in your game.   ........      You want to bowl better?  - Attend official club practice days   -  try to also find time to practice at other times (as well).

FIRST  BMS  TOURNAMENT  FOR THE  2019/20  SEASON   -  Please note that our first club tournament is upon us just after the season starts.  The Leo Clamp  AFL nominated pairs tournament is on Sunday the 13th of October -  the day after round 2 of Saturday Pennant.  Try to be a starter in this tournament  - it is another great way to support the club.  For details or to enter, see GI or contact him on 0417 283 670.

BMS SATURDAY PENNANT TEAMS - 2019/20  -  My information is as follows.   Our top side will be in a Premier division with 18 scheduled rounds and only 12 bowlers. The second level of pennant will be called Division 1 (it doesn't make sense to me either !!!).     All of our division sides below Premier will have 18 scheduled rounds and 16 bowlers per division.  At this stage we should be fielding sides in Premier division, as well as divisions 2, 4,  6 and 7.

BMS FEES 2019/20  -  The Management Committee have decided to leave the fees for the coming season as agreed at the last A.G.M..  This is despite us going back to 18 rounds per season.  These fees are detailed below.  Members should have their fees paid by now.  Undoubtedly, you will make JB a happier treasurer if you can arrange fees payment as soon as possible.   Male members intending to play Monday pennant will need to think seriously about paying (or not paying) double gold membership - if necessary, talk to the Monday selection Committee.

SELECTION COMMITTEES - UPCOMING SEASON  -   Our Monday selection committee remains unchanged as Lyn Bryce,  Rosie Hickman and Mick Hampson.  Although I have not seen a formal announcement, I understand Wally Mason is to replace Lindsay Trounce in the "voted-on" Saturday selection committee which now should include Roy Crawley, Graeme Inglis, John Bettles, Rob James and Wally Mason.   So these are the 8 people you should regularly smile at when they pass by - and it would be very hard to get a nicer group of club members!!!!!!     Also a regular shout at the bar might give you some extra consideration at selection time ???

FRIDAY NIGHT MEMBERS NIGHT     -   Members of both the Football/Netball Club and the Bowls Club regularly attend the weekly Members Friday Night function.   Happy Hour is from 5.30 pm till 6.30 pm (I thought it was 6 till 7 pm !!) but tell Donny you expect reduced prices  right through till 7 pm !!!  The reduced price is on pots of beer. There is a members raffle and most importantly the weekly Members JACKPOT Draw.       Judy Lindsay was the last big winner with a whopping $575 return.    The Friday Members Night is an initiative of Shane Manley and the A.S.C.C - well done to them.   Those members who do attend don't only have a great night - the function regularly provides a financial dividend back to the clubs involved.  All year round, it's a great way to finish the week.  Be there or be very, very SQUARE.     .........        UPDATE -  The really good news is that the last financial year has produced a combined dividend of just over $13,000.   A great result with the beneficiaries - the clubs involved - reaping the benefits of those who do go along to provide support. I am not sure of our share but those who regularly attend can be very proud of what they will in effect be donating back to our club.    Well done Shane and to all those who support the evening !!!!

SELECTION FOR UPCOMING SEASON 2019/20   -      Because this  season's initial selection may well be more difficult than is usually the case, having a think NOW about some issues re selection might be useful.   Undoubtedly there are selection problems at the start of  all seasons.      For example, when capable bowlers join our club (from other clubs), their placement will most times mean shifting some of our current bowlers to a lower division.           There is to be a very important change for the coming season -  our top side will be reduced from 16 to 12 bowlers  -  four 2018/19 divvy 1 bowlers will probably have to be relegated from divvy 1 presumably to divvy 2 (last years divvy 3).  If we assume no other changes, then it it is likely that 4 of last seasons divvy 3 bowlers would need to be relegated down to our 3rd side (divvy 4).      This would have a "knock-on" effect through the other lower grades.      So selection at the start of this next season may be a bit tough for some of our bowlers - possibly less tough if we lose some bowlers but even tougher again if we gain bowlers from other clubs.     Holding the position in the division that each bowler had at the end of last season may not be possible for all bowlers.    To continue to hold a position in any division will require that you be regarded as in the best 16 (or 12)  bowlers available for that division.     Each of us should remember that there can only be a finite number of bowlers in each division.     To get a position in a particular division, means some other bowler doesn't get that position.      You have to be regarded as better than all other bowlers who also want that same position you want.      ..........     There is an UPSIDE to the situation we will be in -  hopefully most of our division sides should be stronger next season.

GETTING A PROMOTION   -     Continuing with selection issues,  either at the start of the season or after the start of the season, if you wish to be promoted, you have to be regarded as performing better than someone in the division you wish to be promoted to - your promotion will require one of the bowlers in that higher division to be relegated (read "dropped").   When I hear some of the comments made re selection, I am not sure all of our bowlers understand this.  One bowlers promotion requires another bowlers relegation - both of these must occur in pairs.  Your task is to get the selectors to agree that you are bowling better than someone in the higher division that you aspire to -  callous as it may be, if you are promoted, you will be replacing someone (they will be demoted).     ......   When next seasons "preliminaries" get underway  (start of September),  individual bowlers who wish to be considered for playing in a higher division should make the selectors aware of their intention.     Your case for promotion will be advantaged by taking to the selectors reasons/evidence to support your case     As is always the case, when the selectors pick their sides at the start of next season (and each week), if you disagree with the selectors view,  meet with them to relate why you disagree and make it clear to the selectors that you want them to continue to take particular interest in your performances.  ......................   AND IF YOU ARE REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT GETTTING A PROMOTION   (OR EVEN HOLDING YOUR CURRENT POSITION),   OBVIOUSLY YOU WILL NOT BE DOING ANY HARM TO YOUR CAUSE IF YOU ESTABLISH A REGULAR AND SENSIBLE  PRACTICE ROUTINE,  AND IT'S CERTAINLY NOT TOO EARLY TO START NOW.   

CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEES 2019 / 20 SEASON  -  The Management Committee have decided on the fees for next season.  The decision that has been made is to have a small drop in the fees (at the time of this decision, it was expected that there would only be 14 rounds per season).       The most significant change to our fees is that the club will no longer collect any green fees at all.    Members will be asked to pay a flat fee prior to the start of the season that will include an allowance for greens fees. Up till now, most members have opted to take advantage of pre-paying green fees by paying for Gold or Gold Plus Membership.         If any members need to make arrangements for "paying off" their fees, they need to speak to Treasurer John Bettles.        There is a potential problem for some members who, for whatever reason, do not intend playing a signiicant number of pennant games or don't end up playing a significant number of pennant games.   Also male members intending to play Monday pennant should think seriously about paying for Double Gold membership - have a talk to the Monday selection committee  Undoubtedly, any "teething" issues that arise will be well addressed.       The fees that have been decided upon are as follows.

GOLD Membership - Saturday OR Monday Pennant only.                             $250.

GOLD PLUS Membership - Both Saturday and Monday Pennant.                 $300.

Junior Membership .                                                                                         $25.

Social (unaffiliated) Membership - allows casual home bowling.                     $50.

(Pensioner discount  $20).

NEW CLUBHOUSE - Cameron Bryce and Craig Hurdsfield continue to represent us in developing a strategy that meets the requirements of those who decide when and if the required funds are released to start building.  This means for us, getting a building in particular, that will eventually be the premises we can use as our Bowls Club club-house.

TRY A BOWLING ARM - AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS TO USE ONE.    My  opinion only but I do see bowlers whose skill level is not quite what it used to be and for most, the blame can be attributed to "old Father Time".      For some of us, the act of delivering a bowl is certainly some sort of test of some (or maybe most) of the body joints from the belly button down.     I am able to reliably relate to you that a possible way to arrest this decline in your skill level is a bowling arm. To the males in our club, forget what your testosterone is telling you.   Consider  borrowing an arm to try one out.   Remeber that arms are now available to anyone that wishes to use one - no permission/certification  is required. An indication of the benefit of an arm can be obtained by talking to other bowlers who have used one.  Our own Paddy, I am sure would only be too glad to tell you what his experience has been following trying one out. If you seriously want to trial one of the light weight DHB arms, talk to Brian Hickman.

CLUB OWNED BOWLS  -   The club would like to have details of any bowls which are still out on loan. It is believed that we have "located" almost all of the bowls that belong to the club. One of the bowls sets that has not been able to located are a size 3 set of black Dreamline bowls - the motif on the bowls is of a WW2 "bomber" type aircraft. Pass on any information to David Lindsay.         

Club Bowls Register - To borrow bowls from the club, the "on-loan" book needs to be filled in. When the bowls are returned, please have them signed back in (as having been returned).   Make sure one of the following members signs sets of bowls out and/or in  -  Dave Lindsay, Wally Mason, GI, Cameron Bryce or any other club coach.