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MONDAY PENNANTERS  - 2 GREAT WINS - ALL 6 RINKS UP -  Both pennant sides won today (round 3) with an unblemished slate  -  the prems by a whopping 39 shots over Creswick  and the 2's by a very creditable 32 shots over Linton - maximum 16 points to both sides.  The star rink for the prems was Judy Lindsay, Mick Hampson, Rosie Hickman and Ryan Bedggood with a fantastic 31 shots win. Nearly as good in the 2's was the rink comprising Kath Alsop, Mike Briers, the "evergreen" Dotty McGregor and Captain Neil Ellard with an 18 shot win.  3 wins from 3 outings for the prems. First win for the 2's and it's all up from here.     Well done to all !!!!.

REMEMBER  -    Saturday pennant starts 15 minutes earlier this season  -  roll-up starts about 1 pm and the game starts at 1.15 pm.

SATURDAY AND MONDAY  PENNANT  SELECTIONS  -   available on the web site in the pennant section.

ARE YOU FINANCIAL ? - IMPORTANT MESSAGE   -   The new directive is as follows  -  as from round 2 (Saturday pennant), you will not be selected if you are not a financial member or if you have not made a financial arrangement with the club Treasurer.

UMPIRES AND MEASURERS NEEDED BY OUR CLUB  -  Our pennant games are occasionally played without accredited umpires / measurers - we currently only have 2 accredited umpires available for all this seasons pennant games.   What would be of great assistance to our club is to have more such officials.   The vast majority of the time, only measuring is required.  So the club would be sustantially advantaged if we had more measurers.  To become an accredidited measurer is a simpler process than becoming an accredited umpire.  Obviously we would also welcome new umpires to our club.  The course for accreditation starts on Tuesday the 29th of October at 6.30 pm at Central Wendouree B. C.   The full umpires course requires 4 evenings (going over aproximately 4 weeks)   - the measurers course needs less time (2 ? evenings).        For current officials requiring RE-accreditation, the evening for attendance is the 15th of October.      The club will cover any/all financial costs involved.   What a terrific way to make a contribution to bowls and our club.  If you are interested, or for more details, speak to Secretary Anthony -  0430 985 695..

GREENS FOR SATURDAY PENNANT   -  For home games details are as follows.  For divisions premier, 2 and 7 - play on the newer BOTTOM green.   For divisions 4 and 6, play on the older TOP green.           AMEN.

 LEO CLAMP TOURNAMENT   - ON VERY SOON      -     The B M S  Leo Clamp AFL nominated pairs tournament is on the Sunday after round 2 of Saturday pennant - Sunday the 13th of October. A list is on the notice board for bowlers to indicate their involvement in this tournament. Please consider offering support by playing -   this is another great way to support our club.  For details or to enter, see the notice board  or contact GI at the club or on 0417 283 670.

PARLIAMENT HOUSE BOWLING DAY -  A day trip to Parliament House bowling greens (in Melbourne) is planned for Thursday 10th of October.  Required are 24 bowlers.   A BBQ lunch will be provided at no cost.  The bus will leave at 8 am with the greens booked for our use from 10 am to 2 pm -  members going will need to pay $20 towards the cost of the bus.  Contact President Kevin if you want further details.   If you wish to go, put your name on the list on the notice board or let Kevin know.

DIVISION 6 - SLIGHT CHANGE TO THE DRAW   -   We have agreed to a change requested by Invermay for divvy 6 rounds 2 and 11.   Round 2 will be played at Invermay - not BMS.   And round 11 will be played at BMS - not Invermay.   The only negative for this is that, for round 11, divvy 6 (or divvy 4) will need to play on the BOTTOM green. Please update your BDBD dirctory with this divvy 6 venue change.

NOT AVAILABLE FOR PENNANT ON PARTICULAR DAYS  ???       There are lists for bowlers to indicate when they will not be available on particular pennant days.  As soon as you can, please advise selectors when they should NOT pick you - providing this information as soon as possible is very important..

NEW BOWLERS  FOR  BMS   -  The club welcomes back to BMS pennant bowls, Phil Clamp, Lee Lions and Sherryn Burge. New bowlers joining us are Lindsay Clarke and Joshua Jervies (who has a Bedggood "connection").   Des Severino joins us from Ballarat East.  Applying to join us and awaiting  'Committee proceedings  are Beau Traill from Linton, Kevin Williams from Ballarat North, Rod and Anne-marie Otto from Lake Bolac and new bowler Kira Phillips (whom I understand is getting some "coaching" from Wally Whitehead).    I hope I have not missed anyone.   Welcome to all of our new bowlers.




WEEKLY CLUB PRACTICE TIMES  -   Our practice afternoons are Tuesday and Thursday - Thursday is our main practice day.    If you wish to improve your bowling (and maybe even be considered for a promotion),  obviously more practice can only help.  I expect selectors take into account whether particular bowlers practice.       A BBQ is provided at Thursday practice  - a gold coin is the cost for each "item" of food consumed.   We operate an honesty system so please  do the right thing by the club and your fellow members (or risk being noticed and named !!!!)      

SELECTION COMMITTEES - THIS  SEASON  -   Our Monday selection committee remains unchanged as Lyn Bryce,  Rosie Hickman and Mick Hampson.  Our Saturday selection committee comprises Roy Crawley, Graeme Inglis, John Bettles, Rob James and Wally Mason.   So these are the 8 people you should regularly smile

FRIDAY NIGHT IS MEMBERS NIGHT  -   Enjoy a couple of hours of great fellowship by attending the combined clubs members night - on every Friday night.  Give yourself a chance of winning the jackpot draw.  Involve yourself in the weekly raffle - courtesy of the great organising of Daydie Burgess.   From about 5.30 pm till whenever.    Happy hour from 5.30 pm.     B M S gets a financial dividend from profits made.     Thanks to Shane Manley and the A S C C for making the weekly function happen.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEES 2019 / 20 SEASON  -  The Management Committee have decided on the fees for next season.  The decision that has been made is to have a small drop in the fees (at the time of this decision, it was expected that there would only be 14 rounds per season).       The most significant change to our fees is that the club will no longer collect any green fees at all.    Members will be asked to pay a flat fee prior to the start of the season that will include an allowance for greens fees. Up till now, most members have opted to take advantage of pre-paying green fees by paying for Gold or Gold Plus Membership.         If any members need to make arrangements for "paying off" their fees, they need to speak to Treasurer John Bettles.        There is a potential problem for some members who, for whatever reason, do not intend playing a signiicant number of pennant games or don't end up playing a significant number of pennant games.   Also male members intending to play Monday pennant should think seriously about paying for Double Gold membership - have a talk to the Monday selection committee  Undoubtedly, any "teething" issues that arise will be well addressed - congenial John is the member you talk to !!!!!.       The fees that have been decided upon are as follows.

GOLD Membership - Saturday OR Monday Pennant only.                             $250.

GOLD PLUS Membership - Both Saturday and Monday Pennant.                 $300.

Junior Membership .                                                                                         $25.

Social (unaffiliated) Membership - allows casual home bowling.                     $50.

(Pensioner discount  $20).

Club Bowls Register - To borrow bowls from the club, the "on-loan" book needs to be filled in. When the bowls are returned, please have them signed back in (as having been returned).   Make sure one of the following members signs sets of bowls out and/or in  -  Dave Lindsay, Wally Mason, GI, Cameron Bryce or any other club coach.