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PROPOSALS FOR NEXT BOWLS SEASON  2019 / 2020   (WOW !!!)   -  The BDBD subcommitee with the responsibility of planning for next years pennant competition has decided on the changes that they think necessary.   Their proposals have been circularised to all clubs. The BDBD have it that these proposals WILL occur for next season.  Members wishing to have full details of their proposals can get them right now from the Bowls in Ballarat Facebook site. I understand the "new rules" will be emailed to our members asap.   The proposals are certainly "game-changing" and very controversial to say the least.   BMS members should become informed of the new proposals and let their opinions be known in appropriate forums.   For me, I wonder if the "baby has been thrown out with the bath water". Below I have included some of the changes that will signifiantly affect our club and our members.

MAJOR CHANGES FOR NEXT SEASON  ????   -  See how you like some of these.   The season to be reduced to 14 rounds (not 18).    The number of teams in each division to be reduced to 8 (not 10).    Monday pennant to have the same format/regulations as Saturday pennant.    Saturday and Monday pennant to start at 1.15 pm (not 1.30 or 10.30).    All  pennant to be only 21 ends (not 25).    We will still have an afternoon tea break.    Cut-off hot day temperature to be 38 degrees.    Next seasons (Saturday) divvy 1 to be called Premier,  divvy 2 to be called Premier Reserve,  divvy 3 to be called divvy 1, divvy 4 to be called divvy 2 etc (confusing isn't it?). And even in Monday pennant, divvy 1 will be called Premier etc.   Check the full "planned changes" document to get more information.   I have allowed myself just two comments.   !4 weeks of pennant bowls meaning playing for just over 1/4 of the weekends in a year.    And if you enjoy a drink or 3 as part of your involvement in lawn bowls, you may well like some of the proposals.  I can see some games finishing possibly as early as just after 4 pm. My calculations suggest a lot of games finishing by 4.30 pm. Will we have up to another hour on pennant day to indulge ???

BBQ AFTER PENNANT THIS SATURDAY 19TH JANUARY -  The season is well into the second half. Let us continue to support each other both in bowls and socially. Stay for the bbq this saturday evening and enjoy both the food and the fellowship of other club members.

TIME AGAIN TO THANK SOME OF OUR CONTRIBUTORS -  Our club is a very successful club for lots of reasons - an important part of its success is the contribution of a large number of members who do more than just bowl with us.   An onerous and ongoing job is preparing the greens and the surrounds each week for pennant (twice per week), as well as for practice and for special days such as tournaments.   Spiritual leader is Wally Mason. His band of merry men include GI, Lindsay Trounce and David Schreenan - their main task is ensuring all is right for Saturday pennant.    Tom Kuypers makes sure all is OK for Monday Pennant. Most weeks, there is a heck of a lot of preparation necessary so that all of us can simply walk down and enjoy our bowls. To these five members, we say thank-you so much.  Your contribution should be known by all club members. I  am sure all members appreciate the contribution you make.

BDBD LADIES SINGLES CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS  -  Our BMS Ladies Singles Champion, Julie Bedggood was our representative for this competition.   In quite blustery conditions, Julie played quite well but was beaten 25 to 17.      Julie represented the club very well.    It also was good to see so many BMS members there to support her.    Well done Julie - no doubt you are disappointed but the club certainly applauds your efforts.

MONDAY PENNANT RESULTS ROUND 13   - Unfortunately the cut-off temperature of 36 degrees intervened in todays two games.  There was no play after lunch.  Both divisions were in a position to win their games but not to be. Bugger.  At least we come away with 8 of the 14 or 16 points we might have got. Possibly the only news of interest was of the same very high profile player (of last week) who again was significantly affected by a "one-off, adverse" crosswind that continued to take his bowl off-course. For legal reasons, I won't put his name to print here but wait until Saturday pm for more info..  Note that Dennis Storer wasn't bowling today. And thank goodness it was a clean slate for "moi".

THE RUN HOME FOR SATURDAY PENNANT.    My assessment for the last 6 games for Saturday Pennant is as shown below.  At this stage, 17 rounds are expected to be played to complete the season.       Divvy 1 maybe to win 4 more games giving a total of 11.5 wins for the season.     Divvy 3 also possibly to win another 4 giving 12 wins for the season.     Divvy 5 also to possibly win another 4 giving a total of 9 wins for the season.      Divvy 6 to possibly win another 2 or 3 games for the season giving a total of 7 or 8 wins.   Divvy 8 to possibly win another 3 or 4 games giving a total of 7 or 8 wins for the season.          Please note that these assessments are based on current ladder positions and whether teams are playing at home or away.   If these "guesses" turn out to be correct, we might do reasonably well in any division changes that are made because 4 Ballarat premier sides are to return to the BDBD next season. See if your assessment agrees with mine !!!!!!

SATURDAY PENNANT RESULTS ROUND 12   -  2 out of 5 sides winning. I suppose it is better that the winning sides were our top two sides.  Divvy 1 had a great win against Smeaton in an away game with a terrific 40 shot margin. 17 points for the day with the rink of Jeff Ryan, GI, Dave Berry and Ryan Bedggood having a very succesful 28 shot win.      Divvy 3 at home beat Ballarat by 23 shots with the double Jones, Peter McDonald and Paddy Rose rink greeting the judge with a 16 shot margin.   Divvy 5 found the going tough at Victoria. A 19 shot loss with the rink of Zane Ross,Bethyl Ryan, Rob James and Mick Hughes being the only winners for the day up by 1 shot.    Divvy 6 at home played the second top side Learmonth and found out why they are second on the ladder.  A 45 shot loss with best performed rink being Anne Jones, Adrian Venville, Di Hampson and Neil Ellard who were able to get within 1 shot of their opposition.  Divvy 8 was at near full strength but played the 3rd top side, Midlands at home. They lost by 26 shots with the best performed rinks being skippered by Donny Ross and Tim Clark - both rinks winning by 1 shot.

BMS PRACTICE  DAYS FOR 2019  - No changes to practice days for 2019.  We all should be back in serious competition mode. The official club practice days are Tuesday and Thursday with Thursday being the main day - there is a BBQ on Thursday afternoons.      The end of the season approaches.  Let us  finish the season knowing that we all gave it our best shot.

CURRENT SITUATION - NEW CLUBHOUSE   -  (8th January 2019).   Members would be aware that extra funds are now available to improve the "infrastructure" at Alfredton Reserve.    All up, for all of the reserve, there should eventually be a total of about 5 million dollars available (including "our" 1.1 million dollars).   So with the passing of time, we can expect significant changes to the facilities at the reserve.       The current proposals for improvements include substantial alterations to the existing "main" building in addition to the building of the extension that will eventually be available to us as our "clubhouse".     Obviously there will need to be a building program to complete the alterations/additions in STAGES so that there will always be available a meeting/gathering place for all sports clubs that use the reserve.     The new plans for all improvements will undoubtedly complicate the building of the extension to the main building (the extension which is to become our "clubhouse").    But let us hope that any complications do not delay us from having a new "clubhouse" just as soon as we possibly can.      An architect has been appointed to plan and oversee the work that will be done.     Our two club representatives with the responsibility of advancing our interests (Cameron Bryce and Craig Hurdsfield) continue to meet with 'Council personell and have met with the appointed architect.    Cameron and Craig have indicated to the architect our requirements for the extension (including seating for 120 people).    Having an available "clubhouse" right at the start of the 2019/20 season might not be possible but let us hope that we can have it available at least VERY EARLY in that season.

MISSING CLUB BOWLS  -   The club would like to have details of any bowls which are still out on loan. We believe that we have "located" almost all of the bowls that belong to the club. One of the bowls sets we have not been able to locate are a size 3 set of black Dreamline bowls - the motif on the bowls is of a WW2 "bomber" type aircraft. If you can give Brian Hickman or David Lindsay any details to help locate this set (or any other sets of bowls), this would be appreciated.                     Club Bowls Register - To borrow bowls from the club, the "on-loan" book needs to be filled in. When the bowls are returned, please have them signed back in (as having been returned).   Make sure one of the following members signs sets of bowls out and/or in  -  Dave Lindsay, Wally Mason, GI, Cameron Bryce or Brian Hickman.         Currently, the following people are in the register as having bowls on loan - Don Ross, Trish Dower, Alison Briers, Kevin Burgess, and Luke Prendergast.

SATURDAY PENNANT RESULTS SEASON 2018/19 (FOR 2018)   -  The result for this season for games played in 2018 (up till Xmas) for all divisions is as follows.    27 wins, 22 losses, 1 draw. We are above the average !!!!!

PETER DITCHFIELD -    Petr  has been with BMS / City bowls clubs for the last 35 years and therefore he is one of a very small group of members with this number of years of continuous (and quality) service.       He is currently unsure as to whether he will be able to play bowls in the future.   Undoubtedly we all hope that we will see him again bowling in a BMS uniform even if this were to mean just occasional bowling.    Peter's home phone number is  5331 5175.   I am sure he would be overjoyed to hear from club members - especially those whom he has had a good friendship with.    If you wish to visit Peter at home, you can get his address by ringing him or contacting Brian or Rosie Hickman (5337 6905 or 0400 310 749).

MENS CLUB PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP -  The first day of this competition will be sectional play and is scheduled for Sunday the 3rd of February.

DIVISION 1 PENNANT NIGHT GAME  -   The round 14 game against Ballarat is scheduled as a night match to be played Friday the 25th of January at the Ballarat greens. Roll-up is to start at 6.30 pm with the 25 ends straight through.


BMS MEMBERSHIP FEES - 2018/19 SEASON  -           The fees for the 2018/19 season are :--  

Unaffiliated members - home (social)  bowling allowed.                   $50

Junior members (not including green fees)                                      $25.

Full membership (not incuding green fees)                                      $200. 

Green fees                                                                           $5  (per game).

Gold membership (pre-pay green fees - 1 game per week)      $260  (jun's $85)

Gold Plus membership (pre-pay green fees - 2 games per week)   $320. 

Note -   Gold membership is for 1 pennant game per week.    Gold Plus membership is for 2 pennant games per week.                         Please note that paying Gold and/or Gold Plus membership can not guarantee 12 games per season (although not getting at least the expected 12 games would be unusual).



BMS   - THE 2017/18 SEASON IN REVIEW.       It seems most seasons we can have considerable pride in our achievements. 2017/18 is certainly one of those seasons.   In assessing the season, we shouldn't only consider our bowling achievements. The strength and performance of our club is very much dependant on the social "benefits" to members. Again, for the past season this has been a big plus for our club. May this continue to be an important reason to be a BMS club member.

      Any assessment of our past season does need to take into consideration how we have faired competitively - in both mid-week and weekend pennant.               Both midweek teams have found the "going" a trifle difficult.  With the gender balance changes this season, we did not seem to receive the benefits from this change that most other clubs did. Our divvy 1 side was promoted from divvy 2 and this compounded their problems. It's probably best to view the season as one where we at least saw the development of our more recently joined bowlers.                     In weekend pennant our top side had been promoted to the premier league after winning divvy 1 the previous season. All up we won 5 of the 17 games played - an achievement that could only be regarded as very good given the standard that exists in this division.            Our 2nd side (divvy 3) had another very good year starting off very well but dropping off a little later in the year perhaps due to some swapping between the two top sides. No matter, qualifying to play in the finals is very commendable.              Our divvy 5 side finally showed us their quality by making the top four late in the season. Again we should also be proud of their qualification for the finals.            Divvy 6 were "there abouts" for most of the year, but alas were just beaten into finals qualification in the last couple of games. Still a season to be very happy with.          Our divvy 9 side did us proud. The division that is the most unsettled week by week overcome this and not only qualified for the finals but made it to the second round - a high quality game that they presented very well in and were only just beaten.                  Outside of pennant bowls, our members are regularly involved in competitive bowling both in social bowls and in tournaments. We have produced some very good results - well done to thse who "fly the BMS flag" on these occasions.                In summary, a very good year which can only serve very well as a great "spring-board" for the upcoming 2018/19 season.