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CLUB MENS PAIRS RESULT (AND WHO BROUGHT ALONG THEIR TORCHES ?)   -  The clubs mens pairs has completed with the winning pair being Roy Crawley and Mark Taylor.  Commiserations to GI and Jeff Ryan.  My informant tells me that the margin was only 1 shot.  18 ends are played but a latish start caused some problems.  If you have been bowling late in the evening and the light is fading, you may well know that a light sensor turns on the security lighting. Again I rely on my informant - I understand that at least the last 2 ends were played after the  lights came on. Congratulations to both Roy and Mark - surely the result wasn't because of one of the pairs having "younger" eyes.

CHANGE FOR DIVVY 1 SMEATON GAME  -  Re the note below on the Divvyy 1 games for the regional championship to be held Saturday the 23rd of March.  Please note that one team can now not play and therefore,  there is a new starting time between 12.30 and 1 pm. Players etc are required to be there at 12 noon for lunch. I understand there will only be 1 game of 21 ends.

 A  "WEEKEND"  GRAND  FINAL "TRIFECTA"  FOR BMS   -  Three of our sides contested grand finals - Saturday Divvy 1 and Monday Divvy's 2 and 4.  All three  sides won their respective grand finals. What a fantastic way for the club to finish the bowling season. Three out of three - you can't do better than that.  As the heading says, a BMS "trifecta".  See the reports below.

MONDAY PENNANT - GRAND FINAL RESULTS   -    We have two sides in Monday pennant. Both sides made their respective grand final which is a commendable feat.  Better still, both sides  won their grand finals. The finals were at Sebastopol which turned out to be a great venue. Divvy 2 played the ladder leaders Beaufort.  We led for most of the day and at the finish were 18 shots up. Divvy 4 played Smeaton and also led for virtually all of the day. The 4's finished up 24 shots ahead.  Commiserations to both Beaufort and Smeaton.   For a season culminating in grand final wins, all participants during the year have to be contributors. So as for the Saturday Divvy 1 report, I will not highlight the best performed rinks here - I will only say that there was one Divvy 4 rink that did have a super day.   The club congratulates both sides and all others involved.  Winners are grinners - there is a great benefit to the club from the winning of any grand finals.

BMS DIVISION 1 SIDE  - THIS SEASONS PREMIERS  -    Down as much as 10 shots in the first half - and down 2 shots at smoko.      In the second half it was pretty much all BMS and they finished winning by a fairly large 36 shots wirh 3 rinks up.  Commiserations to Learmonth and WHOOPEE for our 1's. Very very well done - you did our club proud. . Making the grand final and then winning it occurs from the efforts of all involved - we play a team game. For this reason, I am not going to highlight the best performed rink on this day - see the pennant section if you want this information.  These triumphs are extremely beneficial for our club - winners are grinners. So we say congratulations and thanks to all involved over the whole season for what eventuated on Sunday.

DIVISION 1 NOW PLAY TO BE REGIONAL "PREMIERS" - SMEATON - THIS SATURDAY THE 23RD OF MARCH -  Our successful Divvy 1 side now contests the regional championship.    Spectators will be greatly appreciated. Only as far as Smeaton to travel. Let us show our support for the all conquering Divvy 1 side.

FINISHING OFF THE SEASON   -  As the season draws to a close, let us not forget there are still 4 important happenings we all should try to be involved in.  On Friday the 5th of April, we have our presentation night with a very special visit from the one and only Elvis (the pelvis) Presley.   Two days later on Sunday the 7th of April is the Bluey's  Day tournament.   On Wednesday the 17th of April is the very important club AGM.  And finishing the formal part of our season, on Saturday the 20th of April is the BMS Easter Mixed Pairs tournament.  Try to be involved in these happenings.

MONDAY PENNANT NEXT SEASON 2019/20   -   I assume we will only field 2 sides in next seasons Monday pennant.  Each division will have 8 sides / 12 bowlers per side - only 14 rounds will be played for the season.  The top division is to be called Premier;  the second "level" to be called Division 1, etc , etc.  There is no promotion / relegation of sides based on this seasons results.(for next season) - not for Monday nor Saturday.     So, next season our first Monday side will be in Division 1 (2nd level) which will have the bottom 2 sides from the current Division 1 and the top 6 sides from the current Division 2 (includes us).  Our second side for next year will be in Division 3 (4th level) which will have the bottom 6 sides from the current Division 3 and the top 2 sides from the current division 4 (includes us).  Based on what we know from this season, we might expect to certainly be competitive with our first side and to possibly find it a bit more of a struggle with our second side. But who knows what might happen next season?????

BMS  PRESENTATION NIGHT  - FRIDAY 5TH APRIL - ENTERTAINMENT  - "ELVIS" RETURNS JUST FOR US - PLUS A  3 COURSE MEAL  - WOW .    PLEASE  put this date in your diary.      For our club, the presentation night has always been the way we close off the season socially.   This year, President Kevin has gone all out to make this night a very special occasion for all to really enjoy.   There will be a 3 course meal provided.   But bigger and better than this, there will be a visit from ELVIS PRESLEY.   It was my belief that he had "passed away" but it seems this is one of those rare occasions when I may not be correct.   It has certainly been made clear to me that Elvis really will "return" and his floor show is much, much better than what it was all those many years ago.   For this humungous evening, there is a special price for club members (and their immediate family members). This all-up cost is $25 per person. If you wish to bring along others (friends etc), their cost is $40 per person.  The club is holding open places to allow members (and their friends) who wish to take advantage of this offer but to do so, you will need to move fairly quickly.  To ensure you don't miss out, you are asked to make the necessary payment(s) by Friday the 29th of March - members get precedence but the club needs to know intentions by this time.   John Bettles has circulated an email with payment details.  Both John Bettles and Kevin McLean will take payments.  After this, the club will offer any other tickets to "outsiders" who wish to partake of this great evening.   The early part of the evening will be the formalities associated with recognising those individuals who have performed well during the season - we will have a lesser number of presentations this year.  Attendees are asked to be at the clubhouse no later than 6 pm so that all are seated by 6.30 pm - soup will be served at this time.   I understand ELVIS will be in the house between 7pm and 11 pm (and I think I am actually becoming a believer !!!).

BROOKS TREZISE MEDAL - THE BMS "BROWNLOW"   -  Arguably the most prestigious award our club gives out  . Not discriminatory - winnable by members from any division (1 to 8).   Members should know that it goes to the most successful club bowler for the season - defined as the bowler who wins the most number of weekly pennant games for the season (rink wins not division wins).   I am not sure that I entirely agree with those who say that there have been a "string" of great club bowlers who have taken out this award.   I am sure we have had at least the occasional "bolter" !!!     Who have you got your money on?    Quite often it goes to a player from our most successful division.    Will it be  a Divvy 1 bowler this season?  A few names have already been bandied around as possible winners.       We will find out the winner of this medal on Presentation Night.

BLUEY'S DAY FOURS TOURNAMENT SUNDAY APRIL 7TH  -  Only a couple of weeks left until this tournament.  For your inclusion, please talk to Graeme Inglis as soon as possible.

BMS  A G M - A VERY IMPORTANT TIME FOR OUR CLUB  -  WEDNESDAY 17TH APRIL  -   The 'Management Committe have set the date for this years AGM as Wednesday the 17th of April - at 7 pm at the "clubhouse".  This is less than a month away but this time will pass very quickly. There will be a number of very important club positions to be filled. Saturday and Monday selection committees will have 5 and 3 vacancies respectively. There will be vacancies for "ordinary" members on our management committee. The club has 2 BDBD delegates and also 2 representatives on the ASCC management committee.  I am not sure if there will be any vacancies on the Executive of our Management Committee.         Many aspects of our club are heavily dependant on the quality of our office bearers.   It won't be that long before vacant positions are advertised  - please consider how you might be able to help the club.  

BOWLING ARMS - SOON TO BE AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS THE "ADVANTAGE" (?) OF ONE.    In different forums, I have previously expressed my view that bowling arms should be available to ALL bowlers.  To all those who have poo-pooed this idea, I have great delight in informing that, as from the 1st of May this year, bowling arms WILL be available to ALL bowlers.   No longer will it be necessary to have a medical certificate, nor to get approval from Bowls Victoria. I read the Bowls Australia announcement as saying that you will be able to use a bowling arm for no other reason than it is simply your wish to do so.   Actually,  the new rules do remind  me of the old saying - if you can't beat them, join them.  Bowlers who currently bowl conventionally no longer need to be envious of arm bowlers.  They now will be able to take advantage of this device.  So, are we going to see those bowlers who believe that  bowling arms definitely make better bowlers out of lesser bowlers, in a long queue outside the bowls shop ? !!!!.    Are we going to see a new breed of arm bowlers chasing the extra competitineness that bowling arms give (or are supposed to !!!!)?. With 7 months until pennant starts again (enough time to overcome any small "teething" problems), there surely has to be at least some new bowling arm users in season 2019/20.  I hope they find "conquering" a bowling arm a little easier than I have. (I do apologise for being a little cynical in this response). 

 EASTER MIXED PAIRS TOURNAMENT SATURDAY THE 20TH OF APRIL   -  this tournament is a great way to finish the year and is a great "social" tournament.  Either talk to Lyn or Cameron Bryce or put your names on the notice board at the club house.

PETER DITCHFIELD - MARCH 2019.   -   Peter has bowled with "our club" for about 35 years. He is one of a very small group of bowlers who have had this length of loyal membership (having only been with City and now BMS bowls clubs). Peter won't be bowling again. His car is currently out on loan  - he probably won't be driving again and therefore we won't see him around as we previously did.  Peter is in great spirits but his physical health isn't (naturally) what it previously has been. He is still able to easily live independantly at his home.  I know Peter would love to hear from fellow members of our club.  I also know he would enjoy having a visit from bowlers whom he has had a long association with and also with bowlers he has regularly played with recently.  His phone number is 5331 5175.  Peter's address can be obtained by ringing him, by ringing Brian or Rosie Hickman or from a local phone book.      I endeavour to visit Peter every week or so. I would be very happy to pick up anyone who wanted to go with me to see him - please phone me (Brian Hickman)  if I could be of assistance to you.

WHAT SATURDAY PENNANT SIDES FOR BMS NEXT SEASON ?   -  Based on what has been previously published (and my understanding of it), I believe next season our 5 division sides will be as follows.  Our top side will play in Premier Division.   Our second side will remain as Division 3 (but this will be the 4th level of pennant).   Our Divvy 5 side will play in Division 6 (7th level).   Our 6's will be playing in Division 7 (8th level).   And our 8's will be in either Division 9 or 10.    So our pennant divisions for next season are likely to be as follows (with the pennant level in brackets).    5 sides   -  Premier (1st level), Divvy 3 (4th level),  Divvy 6 (7th level), Divvy 7 (8th level)  and Divvy 9 or 10  (10th / 11th level).

CURRENT SITUATION - NEW CLUBHOUSE   -  (March 2019).   Members would be aware that extra funds should now become available to improve the "infrastructure" at Alfredton Reserve.    All up, for all of the reserve, hopefully there should eventually be a total of about 5 million dollars available (including "our" 1.1 million dollars).   So with the passing of time, we should be able to see significant changes to the facilities at the reserve.       The EXTRA funds that are expected to be available now mean proposals for improvements will include substantial alterations to the existing "main" building in addition to the building of "extensions" to that building. One of these "extensions" we will use as our new  "clubhouse".  All improvements are still being planned.  There are three clubs involved which can make planning much more difficult than it otherwise would be.   Hopefully, once all improvements are decided and agreed upon, work can start soon after.  I am sure we all wish this club necessity is "up and running" much sooner rather than much later.  When work finally starts, expect it to be done in STAGES  - there is a need for a "meeting/gathering" place to be available for all of the year for the clubs that use the reserve.   Hopefully the complications associated with the complete project do not unduly hold us up in getting a usable clubhouse.     An architect has been appointed to plan and oversee the work that will be done.     Our two club representatives with the responsibility of advancing our interests (Cameron Bryce and Craig Hurdsfield) continue to meet with 'Council personell and have met with the appointed architect.    Cameron and Craig have indicated to the architect our requirements for the extension (including seating for 120 people).    Having an available "clubhouse" right at the start of the 2019/20 season is almost certainly not possible now, but let us hope that we can have it available at least some time during that season. We have now completed a full 10 seasons of bowling at our current location.  I am sure that members genuinely look forward to the day we have a "place" that feels like our own.

MISSING CLUB BOWLS  -   The club would like to have details of any bowls which are still out on loan. We believe that we have "located" almost all of the bowls that belong to the club. One of the bowls sets we have not been able to locate are a size 3 set of black Dreamline bowls - the motif on the bowls is of a WW2 "bomber" type aircraft. If you can give Brian Hickman or David Lindsay any details to help locate this set (or any other sets of bowls), this would be appreciated.                     Club Bowls Register - To borrow bowls from the club, the "on-loan" book needs to be filled in. When the bowls are returned, please have them signed back in (as having been returned).   Make sure one of the following members signs sets of bowls out and/or in  -  Dave Lindsay, Wally Mason, GI, Cameron Bryce or Brian Hickman.         The following people are in the register as having bowls on loan - Don Ross, Trish Dower,  Kevin Burgess, Luke Prendergast and Brian Sharry.



BMS MEMBERSHIP FEES - 2018/19 SEASON  -           The fees for the 2018/19 season are :--  

Unaffiliated members - home (social)  bowling allowed.                   $50

Junior members (not including green fees)                                      $25.

Full membership (not incuding green fees)                                      $200. 

Green fees                                                                           $5  (per game).

Gold membership (pre-pay green fees - 1 game per week)      $260  (jun's $85)

Gold Plus membership (pre-pay green fees - 2 games per week)   $320. 

Note -   Gold membership is for 1 pennant game per week.    Gold Plus membership is for 2 pennant games per week.                         Please note that paying Gold and/or Gold Plus membership can not guarantee 12 games per season (although not getting at least the expected 12 games would be unusual).



BMS   - THE 2017/18 SEASON IN REVIEW.       It seems most seasons we can have considerable pride in our achievements. 2017/18 is certainly one of those seasons.   In assessing the season, we shouldn't only consider our bowling achievements. The strength and performance of our club is very much dependant on the social "benefits" to members. Again, for the past season this has been a big plus for our club. May this continue to be an important reason to be a BMS club member.

      Any assessment of our past season does need to take into consideration how we have faired competitively - in both mid-week and weekend pennant.               Both midweek teams have found the "going" a trifle difficult.  With the gender balance changes this season, we did not seem to receive the benefits from this change that most other clubs did. Our divvy 1 side was promoted from divvy 2 and this compounded their problems. It's probably best to view the season as one where we at least saw the development of our more recently joined bowlers.                     In weekend pennant our top side had been promoted to the premier league after winning divvy 1 the previous season. All up we won 5 of the 17 games played - an achievement that could only be regarded as very good given the standard that exists in this division.            Our 2nd side (divvy 3) had another very good year starting off very well but dropping off a little later in the year perhaps due to some swapping between the two top sides. No matter, qualifying to play in the finals is very commendable.              Our divvy 5 side finally showed us their quality by making the top four late in the season. Again we should also be proud of their qualification for the finals.            Divvy 6 were "there abouts" for most of the year, but alas were just beaten into finals qualification in the last couple of games. Still a season to be very happy with.          Our divvy 9 side did us proud. The division that is the most unsettled week by week overcome this and not only qualified for the finals but made it to the second round - a high quality game that they presented very well in and were only just beaten.                  Outside of pennant bowls, our members are regularly involved in competitive bowling both in social bowls and in tournaments. We have produced some very good results - well done to thse who "fly the BMS flag" on these occasions.                In summary, a very good year which can only serve very well as a great "spring-board" for the upcoming 2018/19 season.