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SELECTION FOR UPCOMING SEASON 2019/20   -   I know it is a long time before next season starts.  Because next season's initial selection may well be more difficult than is usually the case, having a think NOW about some issues re selection might be useful.   Undoubtedly there are selection problems at the start of most seasons.      For example, when capable bowlers join our club (from other clubs), their placement will most times mean shifting some of our current bowlers to a lower division.      A very important change for next season is that our top side is to be reduced from 16 to 12 bowlers  -  4 current bowlers have to be relegated from divvy1 presumably to divvy 3.  This reduction in our top side creates a situation like we would have if 4 capable bowlers came into our club and were placed in our second side (divvy 3).     If we have available the same number of bowlers as there were at the end of last season, then 4 divvy 3 bowlers  would need to be "shifted" down to our 3rd side (division 5).     This would have a "knock-on" effect through all other grades.      So selection at the start of this next season is going to be a bit tough for some - possibly less tough if we lose some bowlers but tougher again if we gain bowlers from other clubs.     Holding the position in the division that each bowler had at the end of last season may not be possible for all bowlers.    As is always the case, when the selectors pick their sides at the start of next season, if you disagree with the selectors view,  meet with them to relate why you disagree and make it clear to the selectors that you want them to continue to take particular interest in your performances.    Each of us should remember that there can only be a finite number of bowlers in each division.     To get a promotion to a higher division, someone in that higher division has to be relegated (read "dropped") to a lower division.     A promotion  can not occur without another bowler being relegated   -  promotions and relegations absolutely have to occur in pairs.  To be promoted, you have to be performing better than someone in the division you wish to be promoted to.  Also, continuing to HOLD a position in a particular division should only be possible if the divisions below do not contain bowlers who are more capable.    When next seasons "preliminaries" get underway  (start of September??),  individual bowlers who wish to be considered for a promotion should make the selectors aware of their wish.     Sometimes it is our responsibility to take to the selectors the reasons why we think we should replace someone in a higher division.    And I am sure that we all know what we should be regularly doing between now and the start of next season if we truly want to move up the selection ladder.

DITCHIE'S FUNERAL AND A MESSAGE FROM HIS FAMILY   -   I hope those who attended Peter's funeral experienced it as Rosie and I did - a wonderful service truly befitting the man.     For quite a few of us,  BMS  (and in particular both pennant days)  just won't be the same without Peter there.      The Selmon family (Peter's family) have provided a thank you to  BMS members. Their message read  -   "We are so grateful for your love and support of Pete throughout his time with BMS, and most recently your energy and devotion to ensure he is remembered as a gentleman   .... Love .....   The Selmons."

SATURDAY PENNANT -  PROVISIONAL INFORMATION ON DIVISIONS FOR NEXT SEASON    -  The BDBD have released PROVISIONAL information on divisions for the upcoming season.   I was of the opinion that promotion and relegation would NOT be used for this next season.  I now understand I was probably  wrong -  it is currently proposed that promotion and relegation will be used (SORRY !!!).   I also now understand that each club can only only have one team in each division in Saturday pennant.   This has created some oddities in the proposed divisions for next season - the obvious example (hopefully to our benefit) is that our 3rd side will not be going down to divvy 6.   The end result of the proposed changes for BMS is as follows.   Our first side will be in Premier division.     Our 2nd side will be in Division 3.   Our 3rd side will be in Division 5.   Our 4th side will be in Division 7  and our 5th side will be in Division 9.         Our 3rd side is placed in divvy 5 (albeit at the bottom of the group of 8) instead of divvy 6.   This occurred because Victoria and City Oval both had second sides in divvy 5.           But do remember, these are proposals only.

BMS SIDES FOR MONDAY PENNANT NEXT SEASON 2019/20   -   Again, we have provisional information on Monday divisions for the upcoming season.      I assume we will only field 2 sides.   Each division will have 8 sides / 12 bowlers per side - only 14 rounds will be played for the season.  The top division is to be called Premier;  the second "level" to be called Division 1, etc , etc.  I now understand that for next season, there will be divisions drawn up probably taking into account promotion and relegation based on last seasons results.   So, next season our first Monday side is to be in Division 1 (2nd level).   Our second side for next year is to be in Division 3 (4th level).   No results are available yet for the survey that was recently conducted (on any restrictions that might apply to the make-up of Monday pennant sides).   Remeber the above is only provisional information.

CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEES 2019 / 20 SEASON  -  The Management Committee have decided on the fees for next season.  We know that there will be a lesser number of rounds of pennant.   However, the club would be disadvantaged by a significant reduction in fees income - the decision that has been made is to have a small drop in the fees.       The most significant change to our fees is that the club will no longer collect any green fees at all.    Members will be asked to pay a flat fee prior to the start of the season that will include an allowance for greens fees. Up till now, most members have opted to take advantage of pre-paying green fees by paying for Gold or Gold Plus Membership.         If any members need to make arrangements for "paying off" their fees, they need to speak to Treasurer John Bettles.        There is a potential problem for some members who, for whatever reason, do not intend playing a signiicant number of pennant games or don't end up playing a significant number of pennant games.   An example of where this may occur is having two teams in Monday pennant and having an increased number of bowlers (too many) wanting to play in this competition.  Undoubtedly, any "teething" issues that arise will be well addressed.       The fees that have been decided upon are as follows.

GOLD Membership - Saturday OR Monday Pennant only.                             $250.

GOLD PLUS Membership - Both Saturday and Monday Pennant.                 $300.

Junior Membership .                                                                                         $25.

Social (unaffiliated) Membership - allows casual home bowling.                     $50.

(Pensioner discount  $20).

NEW CLUBHOUSE - UPDATE APRIL 2019 - Craig Hurdsfield and Cameron Bryce continue to be involved in the planning associated with us eventually having access to a new club house sited down near our greens.        Major works are to be carried out which will enlarge the current building and provide "extensions" to it - one of the "extensions" we will use as our clubhouse.         At the AGM, an update report was tabled from both Craig and Cameron. See below for their report.

FACILITIES UPDATE (OUR NEW CLUBHOUSE - WRITTEN BY CRAIG HURDSFIELD - AS TABLED AT THE 2019 AGM)       As we are all aware, the State Government has recently committed a further $3.7 million to the Alfredton Reserve and this along with the previous commitment from the City of Ballarat, brings the total amount to be spent at the reserve in the coming years to around $5.2 million. Although this is a great outcome for the wider community and will see all the current user groups benefit from the increased funding, it will unfortunately see some further delays to commencement as the entire building upgrade will now be done as one project under the guidance of Sport and Recreation Victoria.    The process of securing the committed funding is not an easy one and there are quite a few hoops the reserve users and the ASCC have to jump through before the money is released from Sport and Recreation Victoria.     Part of their project management strategy involves communication and feedback from the various sporting state bodies and for this reason they have engaged Bowls Victoria.     The collective user groups and funding bodies are currently working through the design phase so as to be fully prepared with detailed plans ready to start construction immediately once the funding is released.     Cameron and I have met several times with Council and other stakeholders throughout the year and we are now closer than we have ever been to having one of the best bowls facilities in Ballarat.      As frustrating as the further delays are, I again ask for your ongoing patience while we make sure we get this right and achieve the best result possible for the Bowling Club.    Once completed, we will finally see our club realise its long awaited vision - to have a building that fully embraces the current amenities and allows for viewing over the green and a further social space allowing our Club to grow into the future.             Thanks again for your patience and understanding - Craig and Cameron.

TRY A BOWLING ARM - AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS TO USE ONE.    My  opinion only but I do see bowlers whose skill level is not quite what it used to be and for most, the blame can be attributed to "old Father Time".      For some of us, the act of delivering a bowl is certainly some sort of test of some (or maybe most) of the body joints from the belly button down.     I am able to reliably relate to you that a possible way to arrest this decline in your skill level is a bowling arm. To the males in our club, forget what your testosterone is telling you.   Consider  borrowing an arm to try one out.   Remeber that arms are now available to anyone that wishes to use one - no permission/certification  is required. An indication of the benefit of an arm can be obtained by talking to other bowlers who have used one.  Our own Paddy, I am sure would only be too glad to tell you what his experience has been following trying one out.

CLUB OWNED BOWLS  -   The club would like to have details of any bowls which are still out on loan. We believe that we have "located" almost all of the bowls that belong to the club. One of the bowls sets we have not been able to locate are a size 3 set of black Dreamline bowls - the motif on the bowls is of a WW2 "bomber" type aircraft. Pass on any information to Brian Hickman or David Lindsay.                     Club Bowls Register - To borrow bowls from the club, the "on-loan" book needs to be filled in. When the bowls are returned, please have them signed back in (as having been returned).   Make sure one of the following members signs sets of bowls out and/or in  -  Dave Lindsay, Wally Mason, GI, Cameron Bryce or Brian Hickman.




BMS   - THE 2017/18 SEASON IN REVIEW.       It seems most seasons we can have considerable pride in our achievements. 2017/18 is certainly one of those seasons.   In assessing the season, we shouldn't only consider our bowling achievements. The strength and performance of our club is very much dependant on the social "benefits" to members. Again, for the past season this has been a big plus for our club. May this continue to be an important reason to be a BMS club member.

      Any assessment of our past season does need to take into consideration how we have faired competitively - in both mid-week and weekend pennant.               Both midweek teams have found the "going" a trifle difficult.  With the gender balance changes this season, we did not seem to receive the benefits from this change that most other clubs did. Our divvy 1 side was promoted from divvy 2 and this compounded their problems. It's probably best to view the season as one where we at least saw the development of our more recently joined bowlers.                     In weekend pennant our top side had been promoted to the premier league after winning divvy 1 the previous season. All up we won 5 of the 17 games played - an achievement that could only be regarded as very good given the standard that exists in this division.            Our 2nd side (divvy 3) had another very good year starting off very well but dropping off a little later in the year perhaps due to some swapping between the two top sides. No matter, qualifying to play in the finals is very commendable.              Our divvy 5 side finally showed us their quality by making the top four late in the season. Again we should also be proud of their qualification for the finals.            Divvy 6 were "there abouts" for most of the year, but alas were just beaten into finals qualification in the last couple of games. Still a season to be very happy with.          Our divvy 9 side did us proud. The division that is the most unsettled week by week overcome this and not only qualified for the finals but made it to the second round - a high quality game that they presented very well in and were only just beaten.                  Outside of pennant bowls, our members are regularly involved in competitive bowling both in social bowls and in tournaments. We have produced some very good results - well done to thse who "fly the BMS flag" on these occasions.                In summary, a very good year which can only serve very well as a great "spring-board" for the upcoming 2018/19 season.