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A request to any of our club members.  Please advise Brian Hickman (0400 310749  or  5337 6905) of any content you would like included in this section of the website.

SMART BOWLING    - There is an old rule which can be of great benefit in competition. It is not often mentioned and not practiced as often as I believe it should be.     It goes something like this.        If your side holds shot bowl and the shot is relatively close to the jack, then bowl a little WIDER - the idea is that you have less chance of losing your shot bowl with the possibility of still adding a second shot.      The converse is that if your side does NOT hold shot, bowl a little NARROWER with the idea that crossing the head may allow you to upset the opposition's shot bowl and you may even get shot yourself by sitting the shot bowl.     Have a think about what I have written here - could you use this to your sides advantage?

CAN YOU REGULARLY BOWL DOWN THE LINE THAT YOU WANT TO ???     To test you capability at bowling down the line you wish to, consider trying your skill at bowling down the centre line of a rink (it's not as silly as it sounds !!!). Put you mat behind the two meter line. Try bowling to the number up the other end.  There is no real need to be overly concerned with weight.  The bowls bias will have very little effect over say the first 5 to 10 metes so you should be able to assess how well you are able to bowl down this line.      At the risk of stating the obvious, if you have difficulty regularly bowling down the line you want to, then you will not be  achieving your potential.  If you do find  you have a problem and you would like some help, make an appointment with one of our coaches.

BOWLS GRIP.     Whether you are comfortable or not using bowls with a really slippery surface is very much a personal choice.  But if you haven't been in the practice of using a grip on your bowls, maybe there could be some advantage to you by going back and seeing if this practice can assist your bowling.