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DIARY   -   2019 and  2020  -  BMS BOWLS CLUB.

(Dates to be confirmed  -  missing details to be provided when I have them)

Sunday 15th September -  practice match  vs. City Oval at City Oval.

Sunday 22nd Septemberr - practice match  vs.  Learmonth at home.

Sunday  29th  September - intra-club practice  match  and  :--

Sun. 29th September -  Season opening.

Sun. 13th October    -   Leo Clamp Memorial AFL pairs  10.30 am.

Sun. 10th November -  Diggers Day Triples  11 am.

Sat. 16th  November  - Ladies Tournament 10.30 am.

Sat. 14th December  -  XMAS BREAK-UP.

Sun 26th January  -      Mickey Masons Open 4's  9.30 am.

Fri.  14th February  -    Ekke Martini Odd Socks Tournament  6  PM.

Fri. 3rd April     -           Presentation Night.

Sun. 5th April  -            Bluey's Day       10.30 am.

Sat 11th April  -            Easter Mixed Pairs Medley   10 am.

Wed. 15th April  -         B M S   A G M .